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Eye Exercises to improve eyesight - Eye Rolling

EYE EXERCISES - Rolling Movements


Make sure that your eyes are warmed up by now (I hope, you performed set of Stretching Eye Exercises). If you did not follow up with the series of blinking after the stretching, please do so.


Now let’s draw a horizontal number eight with your eyes.

Natural Eyesight Improvement-Rolling Eye Exercise with drawing horisontal 8

Try to do that very slowly without cutting any edges. Move your eyes as far to the edges as possible. When you drew about seven horizontal eight’s, change the direction (e.g. if you were drawing an eight in a clockwise direction at the beginning, then change it on a counterclockwise direction) and draw 7 horisontal eights again.

Follow up with blinking to relax your eyes.

After that go ahead with drawing a vertical 8 with your eyes (seven times in a clockwise direction and seven times in a counterclockwise direction). Follow up with blinking.

Natural Eyesight Improvement-Rolling Eye Exercise with drawing vertical 8

Now close your eyes and repeat this entire math drawing 8 and 8 with closed eyes. Even the blinking part has to be done with closed eyes. By the way, blinking with closed eyes is also considered as EYE EXERCISING RELAXATION TECHNIQUE.

The next rolling eye excercise requires a pretty high level of concentration. Please, make sure that you keep your posture straight (chest – out, stomach – in, etc…). Look up and start drawing a circle with your eyes. Try to make the circle as perfect as possible without cutting any angles. Complete 7-8 rounds, then blink for a minute. Then do another set of circular movements in the opposite direction. Follow up with blinking.

Natural Eyesight Improvement-Rolling Eye Exercise with drawing circle

After that, repeat circular movements in both directions again but with closed eyes. Blink a few times while your eyes are still closed.

Keep your eyes closed; concentrate all your attention on the eye sockets. Feel the warmth behind your eyes. Now relax bottom eyelids, and then relax your mouth, your ears, upper eyelids, forehead and the crown of your head.

Notice this condition.

Remember that…

By the way, that was another Eye Rexation technique

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